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    Pecobikes is Fujibikes

    Fuji is Japanese brand founded in 1899 and currently belonging to the family of US companies Advanced Sports International. After a change of owner is the main motive of brand still mountain Fuji, which is the label of this brand. History and success about this interesting brand can be read where else than on Wikipedia. Fuji was last year the sponsor

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    Leather Grips in Pecobikes Celebrate with Champagne

    Handmade handles have not had an adequate companion – comparable handlebar plugs. Now it has changed. From our development department just came new cork plugs. They are ecological, handmade with unconventional and fair design. Those are all features we appreciate. Our plugs fit into every handlebar

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    New Juicy Bikes

    With beginning of summer, even in Pecobikes was born few juicy bits. With reference to Italy summers near sea (such folding bikes arise) and iconic ESKA we bring our own, fresh collection of folding bikes. We begin with our pistachio model City Classic. Frame and wheels are made in Slovakia, to look as close as possible like legendary ESKA. Equipment was chosen by us: aluminum fenders, tires with white aside by Schwalbe, steel crank with classic

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    TEDXTRNAVA 2013 or “Do it like to your wife”

    Doing right things have been and always shall be cool. Nowadays is modern to do any good act, or selfless help a volunteerism sticker. We in Pecobikes often go voluntary spontaneous, with passion…just like that. For the good of a society, without any expectation of compensation for our work, which many people will not even observe. According to economic theorems is the main goal of a company and economy in general economic growth, generation of the revenue, etc. Step by step people realize, that some jobs are not about payment, and we can’t always rely on government and state that they take care of everything. On the contrary: ”You don’t have it, till you do it yourself” or

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    Cyklists Trnava: We Train Autumn, Winter, Spring

    In addition to blogging on the urban cycling and bikes we will ocasionaly bring something for you, who are interested in cycling more, willing to train and compete. On our FB page “Cyklisti Trnava” you can ask us how to train, which clothes, bike or training machine to buy. And because plenty of questions about training in this period, we summarize it right here. A little note for a start: We bike competitively or recreationaly for more than 10 years, but we don’t consider ourselves as experts. This is about our opinion and recommendation. Simply experiences, what have worked for us. Practice in this time of the year is specific because of the weather and the aim of trainings.

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    Park your bike

    We decided to extend our offer for one detail within cycling infrastructure, without which the daily use of bicycle as a universal transport vehicle is impossible. And we, Pecobikes, love to make impossible things possible, so we have prepared a few words about this topic. Nowadays we all realize the importance of alternative transport, especially in crowded cities. Bicycle parking racks are inseparable part of life with bike in towns and cities that increases a quality of people’s life. If a cyclist (whether customer or employee) has no place to safely postpone bicycle, man rather use other kind of transportation. That’s why we shouldn’t be afraid to present our opinion and tell

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    Experiment Orbis

    The main objective of the Orbis experiment is to support local community activities, mainly those focused on the principles of solidarity and DIY in Trnava. The project is realized by distributing postcards with works of local photographers, graphic designers and artists at selected locations in Trnava. 100% of funds received from the sale of postcards go directly to support local non-profit projects. Money is used for very specific purposes directly related to the implementation of specific projects. No part of the money is used for administrative purposes, or for any other expenses. The implementation of individual projects will be decided by public vote. Therefore Pecobikes

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    Children of the shoemaker

    According on old Slovak saying “Shoemakers children walk barefoot“ can’t be applied on Pecobikes. And to prove it, we present you our secret weapons. Built with great attention on quality, precision and accuracy. To prevent people from comparing us to those shoemakers. First is Ondros green Fixed-gear. Custom rebuilt frame (original Favorit) from Pecobikes, specifically hand-made by Rado and his skillful hands. Fitted with brutal race 52 teeth crank saw, Gipiemme wheels and handlebars, Demolition

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    After a long time another blogpost. We regret that we do not write more often but summer bike season is in full swing and many of us have often dirty hands. And when we get them clean, bicycles are calling and need to be ride... Pohoda festival is an event known by whole world. Therefore, you must be proud of the fact that this year the Pecobikes cooperate with this greatest festival in Slovakia. We loaned them 20 KOLOKOLO bikes and a full festival kit. Also you can see our bike stands at the main backstage, office and at the entrances to area. So if you see an artist Nick Cave and his band riding

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