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    Pecobikes is Fujibikes

    Fuji is Japanese brand founded in 1899 and currently belonging to the family of US companies Advanced Sports International. After a change of owner is the main motive of brand still mountain Fuji, which is the label of this brand. History and success about this interesting brand can be read where else than on Wikipedia. Fuji was last year the sponsor

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  • Author Patrik Hudák

    TEDXTRNAVA 2013 or “Do it like to your wife”

    Doing right things have been and always shall be cool. Nowadays is modern to do any good act, or selfless help a volunteerism sticker. We in Pecobikes often go voluntary spontaneous, with passion…just like that. For the good of a society, without any expectation of compensation for our work, which many people will not even observe. According to economic theorems is the main goal of a company and economy in general economic growth, generation of the revenue, etc. Step by step people realize, that some jobs are not about payment, and we can’t always rely on government and state that they take care of everything. On the contrary: ”You don’t have it, till you do it yourself” or

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