Who’s Peco?

Small workshop and shop in the center of Trnava.

We offer stylish bicycles not just for a town, accessories and clothes.

Why Pecobikes?

Pecobikes is a shop where you can find any bike parts you need from all over the Europe and world.

We offer hand-made items like renovated or brand new leather seats, leather grips and many other things.

We focus on quality, originality and functionality!

4 years of experience in bike renovations, repairs and sales

showroom with our own repair service and bike production

support of local producers, who produce handmade frames, saddles, grips and accessories

Pecobikes is ecofriendly

Our Team

Adam Peciar

I’m into bikes since I was a kid.

I started to race when as just 9 years old and my firs bike was Favorit, of course. It’s easy to understand that cycling and nice bikes it’s the right lifestyle for a city.

Here in Pecobikes I do all the “dirty stuff”. I build, repair and service bikes.



Pecobikes Showroom&Servis, G. Steinera 1, 917 02 Trnava

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Some of our good looking bikes

Interested in our bicycles?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will build one just for you.

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