Experiment Orbis

The main objective of the Orbis experiment is to support local community activities, mainly those focused on the principles of solidarity and DIY in Trnava.

The project is realized by distributing postcards with works of local photographers, graphic designers and artists at selected locations in Trnava.

100% of funds received from the sale of postcards go directly to support local non-profit projects. Money is used for very specific purposes directly related to the implementation of specific projects. No part of the money is used for administrative purposes, or for any other expenses. The implementation of individual projects will be decided by public vote.

Therefore Pecobikes decided to give a 10% discount for all who choose to support this project. For the counterfoil from Orbis postcard you can also get other great discounts at selected stores and businesses. The site OZ Godot will provide all the necessary info.

It would not be us, if we did not participate in this project also from the other side. NGO Cyclists Trnava and more familiar Bercajgel are among participators of project with their "parkujcajgel" (“parkyourbike”) initiative. In case of success – collected moeny will be used for acquisition of 10 bikestands in Trnava.

Therefore, if you are interested in this idea, please vote here for selected projects from

or support the Orbis project by buying cards at selected locations in Trnava


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