New Juicy Bikes

With beginning of summer, even in Pecobikes was born few juicy bits. With reference to Italy summers near sea (such folding bikes arise) and iconic ESKA we bring our own, fresh collection of folding bikes.

We begin with our pistachio model City Classic. Frame and wheels are made in Slovakia, to look as close as possible like legendary ESKA. Equipment was chosen by us: aluminum fenders, tires with white aside by Schwalbe, steel crank with classic pedals. All with Selle Royal saddle and white handlebars. (without basket)

IMG_0821 Klasic City model

For those who want more we have City Classic De Luxe. For just few euro more you get royal gel saddle, handmade leather grips by Pecobikes and ring bell by Iiix.

IMG_0827 Klasik City DeLuxe

If you are often in a hurry or you are simply faster than others, the City Sport version is just for you. With torpedo hub only (traditional back braking), without fenders, and big 44 cog charger by Sturmey Archer and Demolition pedals you can race on this rocket through city. Matter of course is original leather Pecobikes handlebars. On the picture is piece with the Brooks saddle which costs 95€ more.

IMG_0820 Awesome Brooks saddle
IMG_0815 City Sport version

Of course everything is custom, and all components can be customized. Therefore take the following models as recommended combinations, which you can adjust by yourselves. Do not hesitate to write us an e-mail with your requirements, or order the bicycle. You can find these machines also on our e-shop.

Complete your folding bike and see you on two wheels.

IMG_0792 Folding bikes are great for their flexibility
IMG_0791 Fast adjustablility
IMG_0784 White aside tires look always good, but with chrome fender it's luxury
IMG_0831 Made for city
IMG_0829 Simplicity requires minimum care
IMG_0828 Comfortable seat
IMG_0825 Ideal for morning market
IMG_0824 White looks super cool
IMG_0823 It's shiny
IMG_0819 Speed doesn't need accesories
IMG_0816 Born to race
IMG_0796 Front brake
IMG_0795 Original leather grips and ring bell
IMG_0781 Details are important
IMG_0779 Torpedo brake is magic
IMG_0820 Brooks saddle for demanding people
IMG_0778 Handmade grips by Pecobikes
IMG_0833 Our beautiful models


Interested in our bicycles?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will build one just for you.

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