Leather Grips in Pecobikes Celebrate with Champagne

Handmade handles have not had an adequate companion – comparable handlebar plugs. Now it has changed. From our development department just came new cork plugs. They are ecological, handmade with unconventional and fair design. Those are all features we appreciate.

rucky3 Our plugs fit into every handlebar
rucky2 Each piece is uniqe

Plugs succeeded in test rides and first series is ready for a market. Here we are. They are available on our E-SHOP! And there is more! For those of you, who already have our Pecobikes leather handlebars, we have these awesome plugs for free! Just send us a picture with your leather Peco grips, address and we send you some.

Pecobikes korkove stuple Cheap, original and super cool

Here are some features we can proudly ascribe:

Practical design – used material is flexible so you can’t scratch wall or paint on car. And more, they fit on all kinds of handlebars!

Handmade - in various production technologies still assist our hands.

Ecological – plug is made from solid chopped cork, finished by natural wax oil, so you can throw into nature without harming it! ;-)

Uniqueness – what else do we need to say, you won’t find plugs like these anywhere. And thanks to natural solid cork is every piece different.

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