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Pecobikes is small workshop and showroom in the center of Trnava. We offer stylish bicycles, accessories and clothes.

Products Who is Peco


Production of custom bikes

Choose frame, color and components. We will put all together, adjust to make your bike work and look perfectly.

How we do it in Pecobikes

Why Pecobike?

Pecobikes is a shop where you can find any bike parts you need from all over the Europe and world.

We offer hand-made items like renovated or brand new leather seats, leather grips and many other things.

We focus on quality, originality and functionality

4 years of experience in bike renovations, repairs and sales

showroom with our own repair service and bike production

support of local producers, who produce handmade frames, saddles, grips and accessories

Pecobikes is ecofriendly


Author Peco

Treasure From Zahorie

(Zahorie is a beautiful region of Slovakia located north-west, next to border with Czech Republic) This bike is another proof that combination of customer’s specific vision and our realization capability is the best recipe how to make an amazing bicycle. In this case, literally treasure. That’s because this bike is a memory on grandfather from Zahorie. This fact makes cruising through Bratislava streets more valuable. Some facts from the owner: Bike – “heritage” after the grandfather from Zahorie, originally was ridden on trails in Zahorie and was called Stallion. Later was used by my mom, and now it’s my turn to ride this bike in Bratislava. Painting

Author Peco

Pecobikes is Fujibikes

Fuji is Japanese brand founded in 1899 and currently belonging to the family of US companies Advanced Sports International. After a change of owner is the main motive of brand still mountain Fuji, which is the label of this brand. History and success about this interesting brand can be read where else than on Wikipedia. Fuji was last year the sponsor

Projects in which we are involved


Kolokolo is a student project, bike rental for anyone who does not own a bicycle.


City bike ride for promoting the development of urban bike routes in Slovakia



Civil association Cyclists Trnava was created with the intention of promoting cycling sport in our city, Trnava.

Civil association Cyklisti Trnava

Interested in our bicycles?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will build one just for you.

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