Treasure From Zahorie

(Zahorie is a beautiful region of Slovakia located north-west, next to border with Czech Republic)

This bike is another proof that combination of customer’s specific vision and our realization capability is the best recipe how to make an amazing bicycle. In this case, literally treasure. That’s because this bike is a memory on grandfather from Zahorie. This fact makes cruising through Bratislava streets more valuable.

Some facts from the owner:

  • Bike – “heritage” after the grandfather from Zahorie, originally was ridden on trails in Zahorie and was called Stallion. Later was used by my mom, and now it’s my turn to ride this bike in Bratislava.
  • Painting is a handmade by Lýdia Kiripolska, artist engaged in brand Regional product Zahorie®, who studied Haban painting.
  • Pattern is traditional Haban (used to appear mainly on ceramics) and it’s most typical for South Zahorie.
  • There is so much of Zahorie, because I simply love it.
  • Greatest gadgets from components are clearly the cork grips and pugs. I’m studying viniculture and winemaking in Lednica on Mendel’s University and this was simply “must have” thing.
  • Photos by Alena Hudacinova Photography

From our side were used retro components, especially 28’’ tires with white aside, familiar classic metal brake, rounded fenders in custom colors, LED flashlight and stylish cork grips with cork handle plugs.

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