The Wedding Gift

Today is full of paradoxes.

On the one hand there are people, who have all the time in the world to spend building a carrier, hobbies or other pleasant stuff. On the other hand, people who have existential problems whether financial, medical and psychological or other nature. And maybe this is the reason why classical marriage has weakened position , which is undermining a demographic curve and senescence treads on ”European heels”.

Speaking of those “European heels”…This pink beauty comes from Germany and wore the label Achilles. Achilles was a demigod and famous warrior of Greek myths, who was killed in the conquest of Troy. And about his famous heel? We didn’t find it, or we repaired it. So he left us in first-class condition. And it’s no coincidence that the German fighter went to other fighter, modern "demographic" fighter - as a wedding gift for the newlyweds (guess softer half of the couple). J

The dominant feature is Liix basket, which is completing the white-pink combination very well. The Electra Amsterdam saddle stands for a notice because of the sun motive on, and interestingly shaped aluminum handlebars Gipiemme. The fact that we keep it mostly original is proven by used components: new old school folding tires, classical white rubber handlebars, and “Praded” bell, you can get in our shop too.

Farewell with the slogan: “For family, the children and beautiful bikes!”


Achilles Pecobikes svadobny dar Achilles wedding gift by Pecobikes
Achilles Pecobikes pink bicycle Achilles Pecobikes pink bicycle
Achilles Pecobikes bike renovation Electra saddles Achilles Pecobikes bike renovation with Electra saddle
Achilles Pecobikes bike renovation basket Achilles Pecobikes: The basket Liix
Achilles Pecobikes bike renovation RAL 3015 Achilles Pecobikes bike renovation  colour RAL 3015
Achilles Pecobikes bike renovation Achilles Pecobikes bike renovation

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