Simply Beautiful

So many people, so many opinions! Some say, that bike makeovers are not worth it and it’s not possible to ride them properly, and someone think they are too expensive. Its tricky to find the truth, because it’s somewhere in the middle between tangle of bicycles and their financial valuation. Our pint of view is clear.

About our beautyful bike. It’s very simple and stylish folding bike, made for Bratislava. Suitable for cruising the dam or also for hotel Sheraton.

And how she became what you can see on pictures? Paintjob (cca 30€), new tires Schwalbe with white aside (10,90 each), red grips (3€ both), flashlights (7€), clasic stem (5,50€), new chain (4,50€). Of course we can’t forget the work in package of service by Pecobikes (50€), which includes decomposition of the whole machine to the last screw, cleaning, lubrication and then composition, repair and centering the wheels. Simply adjust everything for a smooth ride. And we believe, that this beauty is cruising in beautiful spring weather around Bratislava.

Statistics are boring but includes valuable information:

On average, out of 50 bikes clients spent for makeovers 164,025€, that mostly includes work, paintjob and replacing selected parts according to state of the machine. Of course there are cases, when only paintjob and spare parts are needed and customer put all togethet at home alone. Or the other way, when client let us do everything. Sometimes happens that client spent several hundred euros. All is up up to you and we are here to help!

So do not hesitate to reach us with anything!

ESKA Bratislava Pecobikes ESKA in Bratislava is ideal for cruising coast of the river....
Skladačka ESKA pred hotelom Sheraton ... or next to luxury hotel as well.
Prerábka bicykla od Pecobikes Rebuild by Pecobikes
Plášte s bielym bokom od Pecobikes That tires with white aside


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