Peco is Eco

Some of us  have already learned to do it automatically, but many still haven’t. Thinking about where to throw a waste is not difficult at all. That’s why we bring you this article, about how we, in Pecobikes do it.

When the time for bike liquidation come, just put the bike next to the trash is not enough. In this case better bring it to our showroom. There are two options. First is, that we bring the machine new life, or we send it on the other world but by the right way. Today’s blog is about explanation the right way.

Almost every known type of bicycle is primarily made up of 4 elements.

  1. Metal – aluminum, steel, brass and others. They redeem or collect these at all collection spots
  2. Plastic – there are also special places where they collect stuff like this or just use a special container
  3. Rubber (tires) – don’t throw them into trash, there are special tire sections at collecting places
  4. Glass – almost negligible items are bulbs that are made of glass and metal. They belong to a collection point for electronics (where they are then authorized the company discussed and sorted).

If you find some element that we didn’t mentioned (cables, hydraulics oil, etc.), please make an effort and take it to special place where they can take care about it in possible ecological way.

And no, this article is not an advertisement for collecting spots. :)

We in Pecobikes sort the garbage at plastic/paper, aluminum, metals and municipal waste. Old tires we take to…you already know where. From old unusable tubes we cut the steel part. Oh, and things that are still usable belongs to our garage.

We use special packages full of light plastic or paper waste to fill our parcels. So don’t be surprised when you find in your parcel something that doesn’t belong there. Random old magazines, films, cardboards are also used to protect your delivery inside of the box. This way helps us minimize accumulation of the waste. Of course we use old usable boxes for parcels too.

We also recall ECO-RECYCLE 10% off on tires. Just bring old ones, or send a proof that you threw them on the right place and the 10% discount on any tires is yours.

So if there is a chance to use bike instead of a car, do it! Not just because it’s eco, but because it’s the most awesome thing you can do for yourself and others.

Viacerí by povedali, že toto už je nepoužiteľné... Some might say it's not usable any more...
S odpadom sa hráme :-) We can play with garbage :-)
Zo starých kolies doplnok interiéru. Accesories from old wheels
Z odpadu sa dá spraviť aj pekný pútač. Lets make something eye-catcher for example
Duše sa dajú zalepiť, u nás nájdete za smiešnu korunu aj REcyklo plášť. Even tires can have second life
Veci starostlivo triedime, nič len tak nevyhodíme. We separate...we separate hard :)
Veci, ktoré sa dajú ešte použiť! (naša garáž) :-) This stuff still can be used (our garage) :-)
Krabice idú ďalej! Boxes are going further
Problémy v Amsterdame... Problems in Amsterdam

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