Long Distance Rebuild

We often receive specific requirements from our clients and we’re always glad to accept challenge. There was no difference with this one, the rebuild on long distance.

First step was to bring bicycle here, to Trnava. Our client had journey from Kosice to Bratislava, so it was simple to just turn off from highway and bring the bike. That’s how we could simply solve details and write the documents about price counting. Of course when client is not able to bring bike personally, it’s possible to use courier.

Next thing was communication by e-mail during all the process. If necessary, we made pictures of specific parts and sent to our client for consideration. You can see the saddle pictures below.

The bike was painted with beautiful “salmon orange”. Because the machine was in so good condition, replace old tires for popular ones with white aside was enough. Polishing chrome parts made bicycle more attractive. Than we just finished paperwork and new baby was ready for a trip back to Kosice by UPS (delivery till 24 hours within Slovakia).

With this rebuild we wanted to prove that bring a new life to bike doesn’t have to be hard at all. Even when you are from the other side of the republic! Consider yourself how we with our client managed this long distance rebuild.

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Pecobikes showroom Pecobikes showroom
vysledok prerabky, Pecobikes Beautiful orange
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prerabka na dialku, vysledok, Pecobikes Comfortable grips are important for a cruiser like this one

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