How to Build a PECOBIKE

We often receive messages from you, how exactly custom bike is made. So we decided to make it easier for you and explain how we “cook” in several steps.

  1. Choose a frame

Most our customers have their old bikes from grandparents or other family member. If you don’t owe treasure like this, there are few options:

  1. Custom frame – not very demanded, but the best option, where we solder frame according your needs. Price is around 150€ (frame + fork + paintjob).
  2. E-shop – we have some frames in stock, you can find them here.
  3. Free bike – there is a section on our Facebook page called free bikes (bicykle zadarmo). These bikes were left here by our friends and customers. In case you let us rebuild them for you, you get them for free.
Veci, ktoré sa dajú ešte použiť! (naša garáž) :-) Things, still usable! (our garage) :-)
  1. Parts and accessories

This part calls for piece of your imagination.  Sure, we will help you as much as we can, however you have to know what you want. From rims, tires and cartridge we break through details such a ring bell. Check out our e-shop and let your imagination do the work. In case you didn’t find what you want, just come over, we often have some spare pieces or we can make custom stuff (whatever you want, but especially leather stuff).


  1. Deal with us

Yes, it’s possible to do things fast. If you don’t have a time, it’s possible to manage everything by e-mail. But if you want to have a good feeling from the process, take your time. Come over for a coffee and let us see how and where you want to ride your new baby. We can recommend suitable parts, you can browse catalogues and in the end we can talk with no hurry.

New offer with all components is possible to view through shared Google Spreadsheet.

  1. Beginning of the work

Let’s do it. We send pieces to paint shop, collecting parts and step by step composing what we have. We inform you continuously. Every good thing takes time, especially when everybody find out that he wants a bike when it’s nice weather. (Best time for building is from October to February, because you don’t miss them so much). Let’s say that process might last month, sometimes more and sometimes significantly less. Patience is a virtue.

Zrob si sám s Pecobikes.

  1. Pecobike has born

You are happy and we are happy too. For us it’s one of many bikes that fly over our door, but we remember all of them, because none of them is identical. For you it’s beloved machine, buddy for a long night rides, picnics or daily commute.




Interested in our bicycles?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will build one just for you.

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