Fearless daredevi

Fixed-gear bikes are not any news in our part of the world, and those who already meet us and read our blog know about “The fixed-gear clan” and his pleasant growth in our place and also other spots around the world.

And if is somebody still asking why, here is a simple answer.

Fixed-gear bikes are cheaper, lighter, easier to maintain and mostly without brakes (rebel!). So if you still don’t have your own, let’s do it! You won’t regret.

Well, enough about general. Here we present another piece, which is not for a new customer, but already for a member of the Peco family. Let’s face it, which of us enthusiasts own only one bike?

Only blind can’t notice for a first sight brown saddle and black components, mostly made by BLB (cranks, handlebars, headset, saddle, fork, frames, pedals…). Furthermore, we can see tires Michelin Dynamic Sport with white aside, which nicely go with his black surroundings and create stunning color harmony.

Don’t worry we didn’t forget that the entire frame is pink. That color. By girls beloved and boys damned. But still just a color that in the right combination can cause esthetic experience. For “old school” minded people can this color evoke taunts, that it’s only for girls or homosexuals but open minded people know, that pink is nowadays regular color for everybody. This taboo is now a part of a history even on the bike scene.

Now you can review by yourself, this fixed-gear machine is simply beautiful.

IMG_1382 IMG_1380 BLB handlebars Pecobikes fixed gear pecobikes fixed gear pecobikes BLB chainring pecobikes fixed gear pecobikes fixed gear pecobikes fixed gear pecobikes

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