FAQ a.k.a. Frequently Asked Questions

More sunny days brings also bigger frequency of questions you ask. And that’s why we bring you valuable information in this short article.

Question: Are the products offered on the e-shop available immediately?

Answer: For each product is listed either "add to cart" or "out of stock". This means that if you can add products to the shopping cart, they are available immediately and we ship them right after your order. Goods which are out of stock are not possible to order any more. But if you are seriously interested is possible reach us on Facebook or e-mail, and we will let you know if we are able to order some just for you. All the details are stated in business terms as well.

Question: Is possible to try a nice city bikes right in your showroom?

Answer: Because of space limits is not possible to store all bicycle models in our showroom. Some of the models we are steadily for the show + trial and some can be prepared in agreement to try. However, in this case let us know early.

Question: How much cost to rebuild a bike from old to new?

Answer: For this very specific issue we are going to write in the near future special edition of the blog. Truth is, rebuild last longer in spring and summer months. Financial demand of rebuilds depends on the condition of the bike and of course how much are you willing to invest.

Question: Do you do also service?

Answer: Yes, in our workshop we specialize mainly for city bikes. We are very pleased to work with road bikes and good MTB too. We are trying to avoid cheap “mountain bikes” from supermarkets, but we will do that for extra money. Detailed price list of service is in our website.

These are briefly FAQ. In case of any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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