Brooks is here. Finally!

Cycling is in contrast to the automotive industry is very diverse. The number of different car brands is possible to count on your fingers, but with bike brands it’s not that simple and man can get lost very simply. Luckily there are companies, which manufacture world high quality products for decades. And now we finally managed to bring one to our town, Trnava. The brand’s name is Brooks.

Najnovší kandidát na testovanie. Model B67S Select s 10 ročnou zárukou Newest candidate for testing. Model B67S Select with 10 year warranty
Najdlhšie nepretržite vyrábané sedlo od Brooks. Svetová klasika B17. The longest time produced saddle by Brooks. World classics B17.

The story has begun in the end of nineteenth century. Mr. Brooks´s horse died, and he had no money to buy a new one. So he borrowed a bike from his friend. However saddle was very uncomfortable, that he made his own one and this time comfortable. Since then they make best leather saddles in the world. Even some of Tour de France racers after bike season change took just one part from the old bike. The Brooks saddle.

Niektorí jazdci na Tour de France po sezónnej výmene svojho bicykla preniesli jedinú časť na nový. Svoje sedlo od Brooks Some Tour de France racers took after season just one piece from old bicycle. Yes, the Brooks saddle

You can see saddles on e-shop, which are ready to be sold. Because a lot of people are not prepared to pay the world quality saddle price, there are not plenty on stock. However we will try to keep at least the most popular models. In case you want any saddle, bag or grips, simply whatever from Brooks do not hesitate to contact us. Prices apply as they appear on Brooks page.

Starostlivosť o sedlo Even saddle needs care

I personally ride the Brooks B17 one and half year every day even in rain or snow. It’s the best one I can imagine and it’s not comparable with anything I ride before. I tend to take it with me when I travel abroad, so when I rent a bike it’s possible to change saddle and I can ride comfortable.

Zásterky na blatníky, nikdy viac zablatené nohavice Leather cover on fender. No more muddy trousers.

For those of you, who still hesitate if Brooks is worth it, I attach a blog about their saddle which is still doing the job after 44 years. ( If you are ready for serious cycling and riding bike is your daily transportation pleasure, good company on long journeys or you just want to fit your butt into something awesome, Brooks is what you need.

Nástroje od Brooks Tools by Brooks

The entire catalog, together with magazine Brooks Buggle and other materials you will find in our showroom. Of course we test the saddles. I ride daily the B17, Peco rides Cambium C17 and we are preparing to test other specialties like B67 Select with 10 year warranty or the leather grips. I can recommend tools by Brooks as well and can’t wait to test their upper pockets and bags.

kozena-omotavka-na-riditka-brooks-leather-bar-tape-cerna Leather grip
kozene-gripy-brooks-slender-grips-hneda Leather handlebars

Comfort for all!

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