BMX for a big guy

BMX stands for “bicycle motocross” and for sure everybody already had a chance to see or eventually even ride this kind of machine. Many of us drove them especially during childhood. Some of us still didn’t grow (and do not even want, because why we should?), and BMX became a part of their hearts, and they still ride this kind of bike competitively or just for pleasure.

One of our clients is still a big BMX fan. But he needed something just a little bit bigger and more comfortable. That’s how this machine was born, this piece is combination of adultness and playfulness of BMX. Simply, the BMX for a big men.

For a first sight you can recognize a straight fork, and skilled eye could find out custom geometry as our client wished. Cranks are from Sturmey Archer with pedals Demolition and the chain by SUNRACE. Tires are brown “baloony” Fat Frank with white sides by Schwalbe fitted into light but very solid rims Remerx Well. Gipiemme handlebars with BBB grips are awesome. All painted into interesting color combination of dark green (RAL 6020 matt) and light coffee (RAL 1015 matt).

Viva BMX!

Bicycle frame custom geometry Bicycle frame custom geometry
RAL 6010 matt / RAL 1015 matt RAL 6010 matt / RAL 1015 matt
BMX with torpedo, Sturmey Archer crankset BMX with torpedo, Sturmey Archer crankset
Pecobikes Steel frame, custom geometry, hand made
Schwalbe Fat Frank Schwalbe Fat Frank

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