TEDXTRNAVA 2013 or “Do it like to your wife”

Doing right things have been and always shall be cool. Nowadays is modern to do any good act, or selfless help a volunteerism sticker. We in Pecobikes often go voluntary spontaneous, with passion…just like that. For the good of a society, without any expectation of compensation for our work, which many people will not even observe.

According to economic theorems is the main goal of a company and economy in general economic growth, generation of the revenue, etc. Step by step people realize, that some jobs are not about payment, and we can’t always rely on government and state that they take care of everything. On the contrary: ”You don’t have it, till you do it yourself” or “Human help yourself, and God will also give you a hand”.

That’s why spend our free time by doing different activities just like Bercajgel, Kolokolo, Lepšia Trnava (Better Trnava), etc. These are examples of volunteerism, in which people from Pecobikes have their fingers.

Recently (23rd of November 2013) in Trnava was organized first TEDxTrnava by citizen association, where were performing a lot of people who are involved into happenings in our region/county/town. Our Peco was honored by invitation, which he accepted. He was performing about his “cycle view” in our town. About projects that e.g. support bike mobility, about how we build now and how we should build bicycle paths in the future (after all, he studies this). There have been a number of interesting people, so we can’t wait, when we can once again enjoy their lectures in the form of videos on the Internet.

What was the point of this blog? Don’t be afraid to try new thigs and handle your free time wisely. There is nothing interesting in TV anyway and you will achieve zero development by watching TV shows too. There is a huge amount of chances, how to join and help others. Do you mind about some garbage next to your house? Organize a cleaning with your neighbors. Do you like theatre? Make some performance for others with your friends. Love running? Organize a competition through your town. Are you good in languages? Let’s help to learn kids in orphan house. There are infinite options. It’s impossible. That is a stupid sentence. We can make our place more beautiful. And we can do it by ourselves.

TEDxTrnava 2013 rečníci TEDxTrnava 2013 rečníci
Adam Peciar Adam Peciar
TEDxTrnava Pecobikes Adam Peciar TEDxTrnava Pecobikes Adam Peciar
Adam Peciar Pecobikes Adam Peciar Pecobikes
TEDxTrnava Adam Peciar TEDxTrnava Adam Peciar

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