Spring Service

In Pecobikes we love the well cared bikes. Here are some tips how to prepare your two wheel machine for a new season. And do it with smile!

  1. Frame – everybody think that it can’t happen to him. “No chance, I have a crack in my frame”. It can happen sometimes and you can only find it under the spotlight. Better check your frame, to prevent breaking right under your feet. In case you find something, don’t get desperate, it’s possible to weld it.
  2. Wheels – inflate them well and leave at least a day so you can be sure that you do not have broken valves or defect. The optimum pressure is essential (you can find it written on the side of the tire). If you think tires are too flat, maybe it’s time to change them. Old used tires won’t help you with stability while raining or braking. Next have a look if rims are nice and straight.
  3. Brakes and shifters – even brake pads and rubbers should be changed once upon a time. If you feel that it doesn’t brake like it should or pushing brake is too hard, lubricated bowden and good stainless brake cable can solve the problem easily. With shifter it’s the same.
  4. Noise – some screws or nuts could be loose by vibrations. Take some key tools (mostly 8, 10, 11, 13,14 ), and screw drivers and tight all you can see (hard, but wisely to prevent thread damage). Like this is possible to solve the most noises from your machine.
  5. Chain – too loose or too tight, both are wrong. Simply move the rear wheel a few millimeters. And don’t forget to lubricate.

Cleanness is half of the success, and lubricating the other half. Don’t forget from time to time clean your tires with brush (especially tires with white aside). Do the same with rims and there is a chance that somebody will look around your bike. Lubricated and tighten components work best.

Now your machine is prepared, so let’s roll.

A hlavne všetko s úsmevom :-) Most important, smile :-)
Zrob si sám s Pecobikes. Do it by yourself
Pod špinou sa skrýva kadečo. Things are covered with dirt
..nech sa z tej retiazky dá jesť! let's eat from that chain!

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